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Dare to Dream is an interactive video installation that positions the viewer between reality and fiction. Based on research about the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the work is dedicated to two women: the German-Jewish high jumper Gretel Bergmann and Leni Riefenstahl, producer of propaganda films during the Nazi era. Paz transfers their stories with fictional characters into the present. The visitor can actively participate in the development of different storylines through choosing different response options offered by the interactive video. This also raises the question of who has the hegemony over historiography and the culture of memory.
MORE INFO :Fragmented Narratives @ alpha nova & galerie futura


SCRIPT, DIRECTION, PRODUCTION & EDITING | Sharon Paz, CAMERA & SOUND RECORDING | Jürgen Salzmann, WITH | Ruth Rosenfeld as Margaret and Leni, Lindy Annis as Interviewer, Eyda Adjei- Newman, Stephanie Stremler, Camilla Milena Fehér as Athelte, MAKE-UP | Carlotte Whan PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE | Camilla Milena Fehér, SOUND MIX|Karl Heinz Stenz,PROGRAMING ADVISOR | Amnon Liberman, SPECIAL THANKS: Katherina Koch, Sylvia Sadzinski, Sabine Trützschler, Matteo Canalis Wandel, Clare Wigfall, Simone Kucher, Danielle Ana Fuglistaller, Marie Heitzinger, Sasa Queliz, Christine Knauff, Elena Eckert, Medienwerkstat BBK, Schaubühne Berlin, Olympiastadion Berlin, Olympiapark Berlin SUPPORTED BY: alpha nova & galerie future, Stiftung Kulturwerk VG BILD-KUNST, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.


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