| Video+Performance, 2015 || Two Channel HD, 2 Performers, 11:00 Minutes |

    Video and performance record experimentally the visualization of real and imaginary borders and segregation. A landscape panorama with various walls and fences shows actors trying to communicate and interact with one another, while others go about their business as if they did not exist. The film images are projected onto a series of tables lying on their side. Although they would be easy to overcome, the performers remain in the limited space behind the tables. Only occasionally are they tempted to intervene in the filmic events across the wall with minimal gestures. The tug-of-war of a group of people in the film marks a half-heartedly executed and quickly ended struggle to pull the other party onto one’s own side. Against all practical and political reason, exclusion and isolation are continued: the wall in our minds continues to exist.
    Video: Sharon Paz | Performance: Rabeah Morkus Roby, Jürgen Salzmann, Benjamin Jagendorf  | Video Performance: Matthias Alber, Elke Cybulski, Danielle Ana Füglistaller, Jürgen Salzmann, Sabine Trötschel | Sound: Firas Roby, Sharon Paz | The work was made in collaboration with Theaterwerkstatt Hannover, Germany