| Video+Performance, 2005 || Two Channel Video Installation, 4 Performers / Stage 16 X 10 M,  Varied Length (about 60 minutes) |

    The work investigates the various divisions created by walls. Clothing, rooms, homes, yards, cities, states, are all layers of separation, borders - whether physical or psychological - that divide in from out. How long combines video and performance to explore the duality of walls both as shields and confinement spaces. The performance space is divided into two parts, by a 3 meter high construction covered with video screens. The viewer is placed on one side, “missing” something, hearing … but not seeing, the other space. The structure of the piece is based on separation; two parallel realities exist in the same time. Through the duration of the work, the performers are traveling between the spaces in relation to images and sound, performing different actions on each side. HOW LONG simulates those borders but instead of static solid block walls it present a dynamic wall that close or opens, blocks or expose, layered with movement.
    Concept, Direction, Video & Stage: Sharon Paz | Music: Ingo Günther | Choreography: Nicola Mascia, Matan Zamir Performance: Nicola Mascia, Jürgen Salzmann, Yael Schnell, Matan Zamir | Video Performance: Nicola Mascia, Andreas Müller, Martin Nachbar, Jürgen Salzmann, Yael Schnell, Matan Zamir, Sigal Zouk-Harder, Noa Zuk | Artistic Advisor & Video Projection: Jürgen Salzmann|  Light Design: Andreas Harder | Stage Building And Technical Direction: Nir Moses | Supponserd By: Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin | Supported By The Israeli Embassy Berlin & Dock11, Berlin.