| Video Installation, 2014 || Single Channel HD, 5:00 minutes |

    The work installed in public space depicts an absurd scenario. By showing two old soldiers in wheelchairs and their vain attempt at fighting against each other, the video becomes a parable for frozen, unresolved conflicts. The enemies have become paralyzed and are no longer able to approach one another. Except for a temporary uprising linked to scenarios of threat, they have nothing more to say to each other. Despite the realistic background showing a wall and a watchtower, the events become stylistically exaggerated: on the one hand by way of the theatrical performance, and on the other by the two circular frames through which the events can be watched as if through opera glasses. The fighting couple, visually separated and yet intractably linked to each other, is parodied by the interactive play of the shadows of the visitors to the installation, so that the scene acquires a theatrical note.