| Video Installation, 2015 || Three Channel HD, 5:00 minutes loop |

    With simple images and minimalist plot, this video installation, consisting of three projections, refers to complex territorial power struggles. Architecture is presented here as a strategy of political intervention and urban warfare. Against a backdrop of buildings of diverse origins and architectural styles, peaceful and violent scenes take place, including a demonstration and patrols that ultimately culminate in the downfall of the hybrid city-state and the violent clearing of the tent city in the foreground. The second large-format projection shows an expanse of water that can be associated with the final collapse of the state, with reference to the myth of the flooding of the belligerent island of Atlantis. In the unequal fight between two individuals, efforts at colonization continue in the foreground of the video. The third part of the work projected onto moving boxes concretizes territorial occupation as invisible strategy: pictures of luxurious villas of a formerly Palestinian part of Jerusalem are shown by Google Street View.