• space-dot-com

    | 360-Dgree video, 2020 || 10:00 minutes |

    space-dot-com is a collaborative project by Sharon Paz and Mikala Hyldig Dal. The work addresses conceptions of ownership in urban space, referencing the political context of gentrification on a local and global scale including the topic of space, ownership and exploitation/solidarity towards interstellar colonialism, dark matter and black holes. The project reflects on worldwide processes of wealth generation and the pushing out of tenants to peripheral areas of the city or into homelessness. space-dot-com integrates the altered living conditions during Covid-19 such as how our bodies are defined in relation to shrinking spaces and how social isolation is expanding. In this we explore the possibility of rethinking redistribution policies and profoundly restructuring power relations. Both the 360° video and the augmented reality installation creates a fusion between performance, real space and virtual elements. Avatars embody "the politics of space" in a form of absurd play on inner and outer space as ultimate philosophical categories.

    Project by: Mikala Hyldig Dal and Sharon Paz, In collaboration with: Augmented Archive, Music: Korhan Erel, Text excerpts: Baudrillard, Bifo, Maternal Fantasies, Mietstreik Jetzt!, The Invisible Committee.