| Video, 2013 || Single Channel HD, 4:00 minutes loop |

    Thematically speaking, the work deals with processes of migration. A train, which consists of so-called mobile “Raumerweiterungshalle” or “Room Expansion Halls” (REH) made in the GDR, leads past snowy forests and desert landscapes, then stops again at the point of departure surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Inside, the inmates play the well-known children’s game musical chairs. The principle of free migration, the right to leave and to seek a country of one’s own choosing, is here represented in contrary dynamics. Global freedom of movement is represented in the video as limited by borders and as a cycle of emigration and forced return that is difficult to break. Open immigration as a human right is only available to the few who are chosen in the selection process. The chairs of the projection invite the beholders to become a shadowy part of the endless travelling and returning.