| Video, 2003 || Single Channel DVD, 4:00 minutes |

    The video piece Wandering Home strives to re-define the notion of ‘home.’ It explores the ways in which we experience the ‘home’; how we perceive it, not only with regard to its contents, namely the objects within it, but also with respect to the exterior, to everything that it is not. Is a home a nest or a fortress, a shelter or a refuge, a dwelling place or a place from which we dream of the outside? Through these quandaries the piece sketches a house gradually emptied – visually as well – of its concepts, of the objects populating it, and abandoned. Concurrently, the exterior is in constant motion, reflected through the house windows as a sequence of nature, freedom and space. The viewer’s gaze shifts from the interior to the exterior, from the house that is no longer a ‘home’ to the constantly moving outdoors. (Text by Sahar Shalev)
    “For our house is our corner of the world.”- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, 1958