| Public Art, 2013 || Six Posters at Bernauer Straße, U8 |

    After Work, Art On The Underground

    The installation of black and white posters in the subway station at Bernauer Straße refers directly to the history of the location. During the Cold War and until the 1980s the house façades along this street in the divided Berlin represented part of the Berlin Wall separating East from West Berlin. Here, captured in photographs and films, dramatic scenes of escape from windows and through tunnels played out. Today, the station is the starting point for many tourists visiting the monument. Current shots of both sides of Bernauer Straße are combined on the large-format posters with scenes from historical photographs in which people are visible as mere shadows in flight, at demonstrations, or in the attempt to communicate across the border. Although the fall of the Wall marked the end of the Cold War and was considered a symbol of hope for the tearing down of other borders, the past lies like a dark shadow on the present, where the renewal of nationalist isolation and the erection of political borders is currently playing out around the world. > DOWNLOAD CATALOG (1.2 MB)