| Video+Performance, 2012 ||  Two Channel HD, 3 Performers, 17:45 minutes |

    The thematic layer of the video installation and site-specific performance tells of initially peaceful everyday scenes in the private sphere of a residential building, where devastating acts of violent conflict are announced and then take place. The real space of performance undergoes a similar change. As a site of protection and intimacy, it undergoes a violent transformation in destroyed habitats and living space. Its residents experience the exclusion from their own home and its final loss. In that the shadows of the performers overlap with the schematic figures of videos, the events are multiplied and distorted at the same time. The glass pavilion can be entered as a site of performance and provides the best possible transparency and changing perspectives both inside and outside. The events in the video in contrast, the outlooks and views inside the various spaces, are fragmented by blinds, walls, and other barriers. In particular the motif of the blind as protecting from view runs as a film-analytic commentary through the entire video. Like the opening and closing of a photographic aperture, it lends certain events clear visibility and focus, while it moves others out of focus and only allows them to be seen in part. Metaphorically speaking, the work refers to the tension between the refusal and the expansion of the gaze.
    Visual: Sharon Paz | Music : Tobias Vethake | In collaboration performance with: Camilla Milena Fehér, Jürgen Salzmann, Karl-Heinz Stenz | Press: Kerstin Karge | Special Thanks: Danielle Ana Füglistaller, Dörte Ilsabé Dennemann, Paula Hudson, Angelika Richter, Lindy Annis, Dalia Paz, Amnon Liberman, Adi Liraz, Petra Spielhagen, Medienwerkstatt Berlin, BLUEBOX GREENSCREEN STUDIO, DOCK11/ EDEN *****, EIDOTECH, Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof e.V.| The work was made with the generous support of the Senate of Cultural Affairs, Berlin.