| Video+Performance, 2011 || Single Channel HD, 4 Performers, 9:35 Minutes |

    Using the historical figure of the king as the sovereign of the state, the work explores the dynamics of the abuse of power, subjection, and violence. The combination of video projection and performance, human silhouettes in two-dimensional, animated surroundings, and the shadows of the live performers before and behind the screen results in a collage of a number of historical and current events and sites. Military conflicts and other traumatic events are evoked that are linked to one another by the appearance of the monarchic despot and his subjects. The final scene shows the blind king on a representative memorial column, removed from real events by self-aggrandizement, and finally the replacement of the vacant space with a new ruler.
    Visual: Sharon Paz | Music : Tobias Vethake | In collaboration with: Danielle Ana Füglistaller, Jürgen Salzmann, Karl-Heinz Stenz and Ylva Jangsell | Video Performance: Danielle Ana Füglistaller, Gabriel Guler, Jürgen Salzmann, Karl-Heinz Stenz, Benjamin Jegendorf, Ylva Jangsell | Special Thanks: cultura e.V., Karin Böttger, Efrat Stempler, THEATERDOCK, Berlin, Bikorey Haitim, Keshev Or, Dalia Paz, Amnon Liberman.