• The game is not over

    | Audio Visual Dance Performance, 2022 || Uferstudios Berlin, 8 Performers, 60 minutes |

    The performance construct and deconstruct reality, between internal history and external action. The audience shares intimacy in a virtual space: What do we miss? What do we wish for? How are we separated from each other, how are we connected? The question of the place of the self in the system, the immersion in technology, the perception of reality and we individuals who fall out of this system. The codes we receive from the media are not clear, confused and affect our bodies. What is truth, what is fiction? In search of oneself, in an open space, one chooses one's role as a spectator or as a performer. The theater becomes a non-linear space, multi-layered with sound, image, interaction, movement and video. The audiovisual performance shares space and time with the interaction game video installation "Stormy Night" by Sharon Paz. "Stormy Night" is an interactive game in which viewers choose their path through a three-dimensional space. Each room hides one of the chapters of the story. As they make their way through a sleepless night, participants unfold a flexible narrative that challenges online space, linear thinking and truth. The multi-layered story reveals the tension between the personal inner world and the virtual outer world, while the journey through the sculptural architecture resembles the labyrinth of online information. Between reality and fiction, processed media images from the physical and virtual world peer through the windows. Choreography and curation: Sasa Queliz| Video installation: Sharon Paz | Acting: Sylvia Schwarz, and Clare Wigfall | Singer: Carolina Dawabe-Valle | Sound designer: Jean P ́ark, and Futuro 3000 | Lighting designer: Vito Walter | Video and technical support: Jürgen Salzmann | Dance: Carla Morera Cruzate, Sean Nederlof, Yasmin Schönmann | Special Thanks: Tian Gao, Uferstudios team.