• The Secretary Story

    | Story + Performance, 2022 || 12 postcards, card stand, 1 Performers, about 20 minutes |

    You are his secretary. You keep his secrets in order. He likes to lie, big, big lies, and you choose to believe his lies. { read more } The Secretary Story is based on both historical research on propaganda and contemporary use of commercial advertising. The protagonist is based on several secretaries of historical figures, including Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The short story has twenty chapters that combine text and drawings, in between real and fiction, accompanied by footnotes linking to historical information. The Secretory Story was developed for the web and social media and also has a physical version of printed postcards. The idea of both the postcard stand and the online presentation is that the readers can choose the chapter order, exploring the idea of ​​flexible narratives, questioning linear thinking and the absolute truths. >>More info